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Italian Minor

Students earning a MA or PhD in a related field can add a graduate minor in Italian to their degree program.

The minor lends breadth to your program while deepening your understanding of the field of inquiry, theoretical engagement, and methodologies of Italian studies today. You will also advance linguistic skills necessary for advanced research in various disciplines, such as Art History, Architecture, French, Comparative Literature, History, English, and Music.

The minor program is shaped to suit the particular research needs and interests of each student. Courses are selected in consultation with the Director of Graduate Studies of Italian Studies from courses at the 4-xxx, 5-xxx, and 8-xxx level courses. Students may also elect to do a Directed Readings course with faculty affiliated with Italian Studies. Students must plan to complete at least 6 credits in approved courses for a MA minor or 12 credits for a PhD minor. Coursework from the major field may not be applied to satisfy minor field requirements.

Faculty in Italian Studies

Name Department
Leon Satkowski Architecture
Steven Ostrow Art History
Michael Gaudio Art History
John Watkins English
Siobhan Craig English
Maria Fitzgerald English
Susanna Ferlito French and Italian
Susan Noakes French and Italian
Rick McCormick German, Scandanavian, and Dutch
JB Shank History
Giancarlo Casale History
John K. Evans History
Eric Weitz History
Donna Gabaccia History and Immigration History Research Center
Kelley Harness School of Music
Peter Mercer-Taylor School of Music
Nicholas Spadaccini Spanish and Portuguese

Contact Information

Graduate Program
Susanna Ferlito
Director of Graduate Studies in Italian


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