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Prof Hakim Abderrezak

Prof Hakim Abderrezak

French & Italian 303C FolH 9 Pleasant St SE

Department Affiliations

University Affiliations


  • Maghrebi and Beur Literature, Cinema and Music
  • Representations of Clandestine Migrations in Arabic, French and Spanish
  • The Contemporary Western Mediterranean
  • Francophone Studies

Educational Background

  • Ph.D.: French and Italian, Northwestern University, 2006.
  • M.A.: American Literature, Université de Rouen.
  • B.A.: English, Université de Rouen.
  • B.A.: French as a Foreign Language, Université de Rouen.


  • Abderrezak, Hakim. "Pieds-blancs de Houda Rouane ou la blédophilie en free style des descendants d'immigrés." Qu'en est-il de la littérature "beur" au féminin? (2012): 311-321.
  • Abderrezak, Hakim. "Turning Integration Inside Out: How Johnny the Frenchman Became Abdel Bachir the Arab Grocer in Il était une fois dans l'oued (2005)." Screening Immigration and Integration in Contemporary France (2012)
  • Claudia Esposito, Edwige Tamalet Talbayev, Hakim Abderrezak, eds. The Plurilingual Maghreb and the Mediterranean/Le Maghreb Plurilingue et la Méditerranée. Expressions maghrébines, (Winter 2012).
  • Abderrezak, Hakim. "Entretien avec Boualem Sansal." Contemporary French & Francophone Studies: Sites 14:4 (September 2010): 339-347.
  • Abderrezak, Hakim. " 'Burning the Sea': Clandestine Migration Across the Strait of Gibraltar in Francophone Moroccan 'Illiterature'." Contemporary French & Francophone Studies: Sites 13:4 (September 2009): 461-469.
  • Abderrezak, Hakim. " Speaking of Modernity: A Study of Moroccan and Algerian Literary and Cinematic Texts." Critical Interventions 3:4 (Spring 2009): 61-67.
  • Abderrezak, Hakim. "The Modern Harem in Moknèche's Le Harem de Mme Osmane and Viva Laldjérie. Special issue on North African cinema ." Routledge (2008): 71-92.
  • Abderrezak, Hakim. "The Modern Harem in Moknèche's Le Harem de Mme Osmane and Viva Laldjérie." Journal of North African Studies 12:3 (September 2007): 347-368.
  • Abderrezak, Hakim. "Halfaouine-l'enfant des terrasses: L'Individu-oiseau face à  la communauté." Expressions maghrébines 5:1 (Summer 2006): 83-96.
  • Abderrezak, Hakim. "L'Facances, 'that's how we call them'." Tingis: A Moroccan-American Magazine of Ideas and Culture (August 2006): Link

Courses Taught

  • FREN 8420 Itinerant Narratives
  • FREN 8270 Algerian Literature and Postcolonial Theory
  • FREN 5470 Consumptions in Beur and Maghrebi Literature, Cinema and Theory
  • FREN 5350 Marginal Mediterraneans
  • FREN 3650 Departures and Arrivals in Maghrebi Film
  • FREN 3650 C(ommun)ities: The Maghreb(is) in Cinema
  • FREN 3451 North African Cinema
  • FREN 3350 Displacing Displacement
  • FREN 3350 50 Years of Post Independence Literature
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